• Robbey Smith

In my weakness he is strong.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 2:9

Like many of us, my life is very busy right now. Renovations at the church have begun, decisions on flooring, wall paint, and parking lots. All the while coordinating with three contractors and a team of volunteers to make certain the job stays on schedule.

Then on day two it happens, I bend over to pick up a drill bit and feel a sharp pain in my back. I can barely walk and begin to move like a geriatric patient. In this moment I know it’s bad, actually the worst back pain I have ever experienced.

Frustrated, sore and anxious about how everything is going to get done my beautiful wife reminds me that The Lord will always provide.

Which is exactly what I have witnessed over the last week. Teams of people stepping up and doing everything that I can’t. The Lord has reminded me this week that i am loved by my wife, as she has been a great nurse and lawn-care specialist. LoL. We also get to serve with some of the best people in Southern Illinois.

I can honestly say I’ve seen his power both in the construction and from the pulpit. In my soreness and weakness the Lord worked and 4 people accepted Christ!

My encouragement to you is that when you are weak and feeling overwhelmed lean on the Lord trust in his grace.

His grace is more than sufficient! This week he provided an army of volunteers to work on the renovation. He always does so much more than we expect!

We serve an awesome God.

Enjoy God


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