• Robbey Smith

The Struggle is Real

At no point in our Christian lives, are we ever totally free from the battle of sin. As a full-time pastor for 14 years, I can testify to this truth.

Be holy as I am holy - 1Peter1:16

Apart from grace, this is an impossible command, and by grace, this is a great target. Desiring to be holy is a daily pursuit with lots of victories and defeats.

Defeat happens when we believe the enemies lies. He whispers, "You don't belong to him; you will never change." These whispers left uncheck by God's word can cause the flesh to fail all the more. We lash out at others, give up in frustration, only to be convicted later. The struggle is real!

I find comfort in knowing that before I knew Christ, there wasn't a holiness battle to fight. I wasn't even convicted when I sinned. Which means I am saved and sealed with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:32), it means Christ has overcome the evil one for me (1John 2:12-14). Success or failure every battle always ends with the reassurance that God is in me, and I am his.

My battle plan for holiness looks like this:

1) Always believe I am God's - Ephesians 1

2) I am never out of the fight - 1 Timothy 6:12

3) Peace with others is my goal - Roman's 12:18

4) Get on the cross daily - Galatians 5:24

5) Understand that every battle produces something good in me - James 2:2

As a believer, I am in the fight! Are you? What is your battle plan, borrow mine if you like, create your own but never give in and never give up!

Enjoy God,


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