• Robbey Smith

Why Pregnancy Matters

Updated: May 23, 2019

The Sixth Commandment is thou shall not kill, and while Jesus expanded this to mean we should not harbor evil thoughts in our hearts, the former meaning remains. Being created in the image of God, he alone is to be the giver and taker of life.

About a year ago, I felt convicted to do more for the kingdom of God. Even though I work 40+ hours each week at Redemption, I knew God wanted me to give some time helping other ministries.

At first, I thought this meant that I should help other Pastors grow their churches. So I spent some time coaching three pastors one of in a formal coaching session the others were informal.

After a while, I felt drawn to do more to help children. I asked Angie to pray about fostering, something we had done in the past. After a short time of prayer, I realized that fostering was not why the Lord wanted. He wanted me to serve on the board of Pregnancy Matters.

Pregnancy Matters has two offices, one in Marion the other in Carbondale. Last month they welcomed me to their board, and I am looking forward to giving direction and insight into the ministry. All in hopes to show Christ love to young women in hopes they choose life.

I look forward to visiting the Carbondale office soon as they have a wall with photos of babies who are here today because of their ministry. I love serving in a ministry that saves lives here an hopefully in eternity.

If I could encourage you in any way with this story, it would be for you to do something with your life that makes a difference so the king of King’s and Lord of Lord will look at you and say, “Well done thy good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25;21).

Enjoy God


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